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Explanation of the massage bed
The massage beds of  DWZONE are developed by Korean physicians and are patented in Asia as medical instruments – for us in Switzerland it is only designed for wellness.
Asians do not just see the symptoms of a disorder, but  take the whole body into consideration and they know the massage as a prevention and therapy for disorders.
Sitting on the middle part of the bed, the client lies down with his back into the  hollow, where underneath several jade-stones on a slide are ready to roll along the back.
One Slide consist of several jade-stones, which get heated by infrared. Jade is a semi-precious stone, which is supposed to have the best thermal transfer. This thermal enters deeply into the musculature.
The rolls run along the side of the backbone, starting from the neck , down to the tailbone. The backbone itself always stays free .
The jade-rolls lift the body up during the massage. Rolling down, the back gets stretched, which is supposed to be the chiropractic movement and is important for the spinal discs, as in our time, we will always walk, sit and work bended to the front.

Rolling up, the rolls will ‚compress’ the back, the spinal discs are getting stimulated and supplied with blood. The stimulation helps the nerves and bloodstream. The better they work, the better the organs  get fed.
We talk about a back massage – but it’s more than this:
It’s integrating the organs and nerves as well.
The jade rolls move up and down a few times. This is the preparation to knead and warm up the muscles.  As the musculature is still cold at the beginning the back can react pressure sensitive.

This is absolutely normal as in every ‚manual’ massage as well which should be effective.
Should you feel this pressure, then do not stop breathing -  but breathe deeply into the effected area (breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth). Let your body sink into the bed.  Please be aware: it should not be painful, but a strong pressure is OK and is wanted. The more your muscles are tense, the more you will feel it. But already after 3-4 regular sessions the tensions will be completely gone and the massage will be very enjoyable. Energizing and relaxing will already be the effect from the first time on.  
After this phase of warming up the muscles, the phase of  acupressure will start: the slide will stop for about a minute at 21 different parts of you back  The massage has not ended yet , please stay on the bed. Now the very pleasant part of the massage begins. This part of the massage effects the circulation, the immune system and stimulates the nerves and the digestive system and much more.
You are calm and relaxed – but your  body works in full speed (as well as afterwards)  
Jade is supposed to have the effect of detoxifying  and purifying.  Which means that afterwards you should drink enough tea or water.
As the acupressure works through the pressure of your own weight, the body just gets as much pressure, as it can handle.
Tension will be released: the pressure only can be hold for 15-20 seconds, after this time the tension will automatically released.
After about 3 days the tension will come back, so a regular  treatment will help to keep you free of tension.
A beep indicates the end of the treatment. Please get up very slowly, as your circulation might be effected by the thermal therapy.

We wish you an enjoyable time

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